Full & Partial Truck Loads • Refrigerated or non-refrigerated • Lower 48 states


Freight Truck Transportation Services

Freight truck shipping done right

Since 1995 we have built our fleet to offer superior freight shipping services across the lower 48 states, coast to coast. Our capabilities allow us to meet the requirements of our many clients, and offer the same great service every time.

Refrigerated / Unrefrigerated Loads

Our modern fleet consists of 50 trailers. 25 are reefer trailers. With us you can expect a cold delivery at arrival. We provide a consistent carry capacity each time. This means repeat clients can expect the same results each and every time.

Team Driver Capabilities

There are two things in this industry we care about most. The health and happiness of our drivers, and your cargo being delivered on-time.

We use the "team-driver" method to make sure your freight stays rolling while ensuring our drivers are properly rested and alert on the road. Not only do we want your cargo to arrive on time, we want to make sure every driver on the road is safe around our vehicles.

Fleet & Maintenance

We understand that every trip we make starts with the truck and trailer. You can expect nothing but the best equipment in the industry. The oldest truck in our fleet is only 3 years old. We maintain each truck to make sure it is in top working order.

We have a well-trained staff of mechanics who know each of our vehicles better than they know their own cars. From brakes to engine to everything in between, we make sure it works right.

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Full & Partial Truck Loads
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  • 33 Truck fleet
  • All trucks under 3 years old
  • 25 reefer trailers
  • 25 drive-in trailers
  • On-staff mechanics
  • team-driver capabilities
  • expedited service option

We take good care of our drivers so they take good care of your freight!